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  • dylanlazo

Sol Projex (Summer Series)

Through out the summer of 2022 there has been quite a lot being conjured up next door to me. My neighbor Jack and Anna, he being an absolutely incredible wood worker and her being a wildly talented chef have combined many of their talents in collaboration to make this Summer Series of Farm to Table events. I got invited for the trial run night which, right off the bat, was incredibly magical... and it only got better and better each Friday.

Finally I got the pleasure of sitting down without a camera or agenda for work and experienced their event which was... beyond words. Each course of food was a beautiful work of art and I was essentially just in awe the entire night. As a thank you I was able to hop over to try and document just a hint of what was going on.

Keep an eye on the SolProjex. This certainly wasn't the first and last thing they are going to be creating- to try and paraphrase their mission statement as well as the ideas they have in mind will not be given justice by my description. The best I can advise is to keep an eye on upcoming events and do your best to get in there when you can.


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