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Aloha from 808

Around ten years ago I got into photography because I stumbled on a blog called Aloha from 808. (This was in-between the fall of Facebook and the start of instagram)

This blog was made by a guy named Cory Yap. From what I could tell he just surrounded himself with people who were well versed in nature and he documented their treks around all of Hawaii's landscapes. The images were beautiful and nothing seemed staged. It was just a group of people doing adventurous things and he captured the moments in between. I immediately wanted to be the same. So in one sense this blog is an attempt to continue the beautiful style of Cory that I was enamored by around a decade ago.

Some of my earliest images were directly inspired by him. Like this one-

Cory and I actually met and he invited me on this hike. One near me that I had never done before because it seemed daunting at first. He and his friends can be seen ever so slightly in the bottom left corner.

The mannerisms of this group effected my future in many ways. Despite this being an intense hike they brought floaties and they were certainly well worth it. Along with a flask of whiskey if I recall that was just enough to warm us up after being pissed on by cold water for a couple hours. I learned that there is immense freedom in practice. To be skilled and well versed in the land meant that we could just play instead of bust our asses off to reach a destination. Anyways, enough philosophical. I just wanted to start off by paying homage to Cory. His blog is still up if you care to take a gander as well.



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